Extra curricular activities are given equal emphasis in the educational training imparted at Akal Academy. All kinds of activities that can lead to nurturing of various special skills in students are conducted all through the school calendar. Each student is encouraged to participate in sports. Annual competitions are conducted among the four school ‘Houses’ in all sports including Cricket, Football, Hockey, Badminton, Table Tennis, Volley-ball and Basket-ball etc. All students are expected to participate in athletic events conducted at the end of school year and certain qualification is mandatory. Inter-school competitions are conducted to encourage students and develop team-spirit.

Besides this, the administration also focuses on stage participation of students.

All students are given equal opportunities to enhance their stage performance skills. Activities like debates, group discussions, impromptu speeches, Baani recitations, jeopardy (math, computer) etc. are conducted every other week to encourage student participation and alleviate stage fear.
Quiz Competition
Impromptu Speeches

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