Akal Academy, Baru Sahib, has established a chain of schools being run in the rural Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh. The unique feature of these schools is that even though they all are established in villages, they offer high quality education at par with the best schools in the vicinity. The academic results speak for themselves. For both boarding and day-boarding schools, residence is provided to teachers, who come from far-off places. The Kalgidhar Trust/Society has envisioned to reach out to every village in Punjab by completing 150 branches in the next couple of years.
Statewise classification (101 Academies)
Haryana (12 Academies)
 Ahmedpur Darewala, Village Ahmedpur Darewala, Distt. Sirsa
 Ajitsar Ratia, Village Ajitsar, V&PO Hamjapur, Tehsil Ratia, Distt. Fatehabad
 Baragura, Village Baragura, Distt. Sirsa
 Bhusla, Village Bhusla, Distt. Kaithal
 Chandarh Kalan (Dashmesh Nagar), Village Chandarh Kalan (Dashmesh Nagar), Distt. Fatehabad
 Ellnabad, Village Ellanabad, Distt. Sirsa
 Majri, Village Majri, Distt. Ambala
 Narayanpur Dakra Sahib, Village Narayanpur Dakra Sahib, Distt. Panchkula
 Rorhi, Village Rorhi, Distt. Sirsa
 Salem Khera, Village Salem Khera, Distt. Fatehabad
 Saniana, Village Saniana, Distt. Fatehabad
 Tyoda, Village Tyoda, Distt. Kurukshetra
Himachal Pradesh (2 Academies)
 Baru Sahib, Baru Sahib, Distt. Sirmore
 Baru Sahib (Local students), Baru Sahib, Distt. Sirmore
New Delhi (1 Academies)
 New Delhi, F-3, Rajouri Garden
Punjab (78 Academies)
 Bagha, Village Bagha, Distt. Bathinda
 Bakarwal, Village Bakarwal, Distt. Moga
 Balbehra, V&PO Balbehra, Distt. Patiala
 Bangi Nihal Singh Wala, Village Bangi Nihal Singh, Distt. Bathinda
 Basarke, Village Basarke, Distt. Amritsar
 Behak Fattu , Village Behak Fattu, Distt. Ferozepur
 Benra, Village Benra, Distt. Sangrur
 Bhadaur, Village Bhadaur. Teh. Barnala, Distt. Sangrur
 Bhai Desa, Village Bhai Desa, P.O. Kotli Kalan, Distt. Mansa
 Bharana, Village Bharana, Teh. Zira, Distt. Feroezpur
 Bharyal Lahri, Village Bharyal Lahri, P.O. Rattangarh, Distt. Gurdaspur
 Bhundar Bhaini, Village Bhundar Bhaini, Distt. Sangrur
 Bilga, Village Bilga, Teh. Phillaur, Distt. Jalandhar
 Boparai Kalan, Village Boparai Kalan, Teh. Nakodar, Distt. Jalandhar
 Chahal Kalan, Village Chahal Kalan, Teh. Aur, Distt. Nawanshahr
 Chak Desraj, Village Chak Desraj, Teh. Phillaur, Distt. Jalandhar
 Chak Mander, Village Chak Mander, Teh. Banga, Distt. Nawanshahr
 Cheema (English Medium), V&PO Cheema, Tehsil Sunam, Distt. Sangrur
 Cheema (Punjabi Medium), V&PO Cheema, Tehsil Sunam, Distt. Sangrur
 Chugavan, Village Chugavan, Distt. Amritsar
 Chunni, Village Chunni, Distt. Fatehgarh Sahib
 Dadher Sahib, Village Dadher, P.O. Sarhali, Distt. Tarn Taaran
 Daffar, Village Daffar, Distt. Hoshiarpur
 Damdama Sahib, Damdama Sahib, Distt. Bathinda
 Daula, V&PO Daula, Block Giddarbaha, Distt. Muktsar
 Dhanal Kalan, Village Dhanal Kalan, Block Jalandhar East, Distt. Jalandhar
 Dhindsa, Village Dhindsa, Teh. Samrala, Distt. Ludhiana
 Dhotian, Village Dhotian, Block Bhikhi Wind, Distt. Tarn Taran
 Dialpur Mirze Ka, Village Dialpur Mirze Ka, Distt. Bathinda
 Fatehgarh Chhanna, Village Fatehgarh Chhanna, P.O. Gajewas, Tehsil Samana, Distt. Patiala
 Fatehgarh Ganduan, Village Fatehgarh Ganduan, Via Lehragaga, Tehsil Sunam, Distt. Sangrur
 Fatehgarh Panjtoor, Village Fatehgarh Panjtoor, Distt. Moga
 Ghug, Village Ghug, Distt. Jalandhar
 Jaga Ram Tirath, V&PO Jaga Ram Tirath, Distt. Bathinda
 Jand Sahib, Village Jand Sahib, Near Sadiq, Distt. Faridkot
 Jandiali, Village Jandiali Kalan, Distt. Ludhiana
 Jhandiana Garbi, Village Jhandiana Garbi, Distt. Moga
 Kakra Kalan, Village Kakra Kalan, Distt. Jalandhar
 Kaleke, Village Kaleke, Teh. Baghapurana, Distt. Moga
 Kalon, Village Kalon, Distt. Mansa
 Kamalpur, Village Kamalpur, Distt. Rupnagar
 Kangaraian, Village Kangaraian, Teh. Phillaur, Distt. Jalandhar
 Kauriwara, Village Kauriwara, Teh. Sardulgarh, Distt. Mansa
 Khamanu, Village Khamanu, Distt. Fatehgarh Sahib
 Khandoor, Village Khandoor, Distt. Ludhiana
 Khera, Village Khera, Distt. Hoshiarpur
 Khuian Sarwar, Village Khuian Sarwar, Teh. Abohar, Distt. Ferozepur
 Killi Nihal Singh Wala, Village Killi Nihal Singh Wala, Distt. Bathinda
 Kolian Wali, Village Kolian Wali, Distt. Muktsar
 Madhir, Village Madhir, Distt. Muktsar
 Madhopur, Village Madhopur, Distt. Fatehgarh Sahib
 Mahal Kalan, Village Mahal Kalan, Distt. Barnala
 Maio Patti, Village Maio Patti, Tehsil Phagwara, Distt. Kapurthala
 Makhangarh, Village Makhangarh, Mahilpur, Distt. Hoshiarpur
 Manal, Village Manal, Distt. Sangrur
 Manavan, Village Manavan, Distt. Moga
 Mander, Village Mander, Tehsil Budhlada, Distt. Mansa
 Manoli Surat, Village Manoli Surat, Distt. Mohali
 Muktsar, Malout Road, Muktsar
 Nawan Killa, Village Nawan Killa, Distt. Ferozepur
 Phaphere Bhai Ke, Village Phaphre Bhai Ke, Tehsil & Distt. Mansa
 Puranewala, Village Puranewala, Distt. Moga
 Raipur Pirbaksh Wala, Village Raipur Pirbaksh Wala, Tehsil Bholath, Distt. Kapurthala
 Rajia, Village Rajia, Distt. Barnala
 Rampur Narottampur, Village Rampur Narottampur, Distt. Tarn Taran
 Ranno, Village Ranno, Distt. Patiala
 Rasulpur Bet, Village Rasulpur Bet, Distt. Gurdaspur
 Ratolan, Village Ratolan, Distt. Sangrur
 Rattakhera, Village Ratta Khera, Distt. Ferozepur
 Reethkheri, Village Reethkheri, P.O. Nandpur Kesho, Distt. Patiala
 Sangha, Village Sangha, Distt. Mansa
 Seona, Village Seona, Tehsil Patran, Distt. Patiala
 Sujan Pur, Village Nawan Pind Sujanpur, Distt. Pathankot
 Sukhanwala, Village Sukhanwala, Distt. Faridkot
 Teja Singh Wala, Village Teja Singh Wala, Distt. Taran Taaran
 Tibber, Village Tibber, Distt. Gurdaspur
 Uddat Saidewala, Village Uddat Saidewala, Tehsil Budhlada, Distt. Mansa
 Vachhoya, Village Vachhoya, Distt. Amritsar
Rajasthan (3 Academies)
 31 B.B., Padampur, Village 31.B.B., Tehsil Padampur, Distt. Ganganagar
 Ganganagar, Ganganagar, Distt. Ganganagar
 Kamrani, Village Kamrani, Distt. Hanumangarh
Uttar Pradesh (5 Academies)
 Gomti, Village Gomti, Navadia Sultanpur, Distt. Pilibhit
 Gomti (Hindi Medium), Village Gomti, Navadia Sultanpur, Distt. Pilibhit
 Kajri, Village Kajri Niranjanpur, Tehsil Puwayan, Distt. Shahjahanpur
 Telipura, Village Telipura, Distt. Rampur
 Unnao, Village Nari Banther, Unnao

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